The Fantastic Parade

Saturday, October 17, 2020

7:30 p.m.

There is NO raindate for the Fantastic Parade


You can find the entry form here.

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1) MUST BE NO STOPPING along the route during the parade. Entries may pause briefly ‒ only while they are being announced ‒ but MAY NOT STOP TO PERFORM Stopping along the parade route, will result in disqualification from prizes.
2) All entrants must have a number attached to the right side of their person, float or vehicle to be eligible for prizes. All prizes are awarded by this number and entrants must COMPLETE the parade route to be eligible for prizes.
3) Numbers must be obtained BEFORE parade time. Registration table is located at Dillsburg Water Authority Building 98 West church St. Participants who have pre-registered can pick up their number from the tent set up on Church Street across from ECI Group offices. Registration is from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.
4) All prize monies will be mailed to the person whose name and address is given on registration.
5) No children under 7 years of age will be permitted to march in the Fantastic Parade. However, children 6 years of age and under may ride on floats and vehicles.
6) NO MASKS are to be worn on vehicle operators
7) MOTORIZED UNITS: all motor vehicles must be driven by licensed drivers. Must certify that all authorized motor vehicles are covered by liability insurance as provided by PA law.
8)Total length of float including tow vehicle MUST NOT EXCEED 35 feet. Entries over 35 feet will be denied access to the parade due to tight street turns and spectator safety.
9) All motorized floats MUST HAVE fire extinguishers on board.
10) FARM TYPE UNITS must be operated by persons 14 years or older and are not permitted to wear any type of face coverings. All combinations of tractor and wagons or trailers must be secured with safety chains, heavy‒duty type.
11) All small type tractors, lawn or garden, must have mower attachments removed. Operators must be 14 years or older. Operators are not permitted to wear any type of face coverings.
12) No self-propelled trick type vehicles permitted, including tractors or motorcycle, motor bikes, mini‒bikes, etc. No tricks allowed. All wheels must stay on the ground. Any violations will be disqualified from prize money.
13) By order of the Police Department, it is illegal to distribute promotional pieces from MOVING VEHICLES in the parade.
14) There must be an ADULT walking escort with each Horse & Rider, and each Horse & Rider in a group (except professional horse groups).
15) Continuous blowing of loud horns or sirens is PROHIBITED.
16) Any business towing a float may have advertising on the CAB ONLY. If any other advertising appears on the float, it must go in the business section. Exceptions are youth and church organizations using a trailer from a business.
17) Participants MUST provide a means or clean-up if their entry includes an animal.
18) All dogs in the parade must be kept on leashes.
19) Saddled animal entries MUST include a copy of their liability insurance with their registration form
20) CANDY OR OTHER ARTICLES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE THROWN FROM MOVING VEHICLES. Candy and other handouts may be distributed by walking attendants. Anyone who does not adhere to this policy may be asked to leave the parade route and/or may not be allowed to return for future parades. CHILD SAFETY along the route must be our first consideration.
21) Parade judges or any member of the parade committee may disqualify an entry for violating any of the aforementioned rules. Final decision will be made by the Fantastic Parade Chairperson.

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